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Do you suffer long with pain and disease? Tired of chemical drugs and their negative effects on your health? Do you dream of achieving a perfect body and youthful health that will last with you throughout your life? Do not hesitate, and book your first consultation with Dr. Karim Ali, to take your hand a step by step towards the ideal healthy lifestyle .... Through this consultation, Dr. Karim will suggest a solution to you, or direct you to book a specific consultation. It is the right service for you to consult Dr. Karim for the first time, so we hope that you kindly book this consultation exclusively if it is the first consultation, and do not reserve another type of consultation that may not suit you. Please read the following carefully: This service is a 10-minute call via the Botim / WhatsApp program, during which you will quickly ask Dr. Karim about a specific case, or inquire about something in a previous report. This service includes one contact for one person without any written report. It is a quick verbal recommendations from Dr. Karim only. You can request a recommendation report in an additional service if this is very important to you. If you encounter any problems in requesting a consultation, please contact the team at our site. After the tenth minute of the conversation with Dr. Karim, the team will sever the connection ... lovingly. The cost of this consultation is 299 Swiss Francs, 1259 Saudi Riyals 1222 Qatari Riyals 1233 Emirati Dirhams 102 Kuwaiti Dinars 126 Bahraini Dinars 129 Omani Rials 278 Euro 336 US Dollars 247 British Pounds 5268 Egyptian Pounds Information service Category:Second Think Consulting Reservation period:10 minute The number of people:1 Doctor Dr.. Karim Ali


Jan 25 - 26 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm




city hall
Manhattan, New York


John Smith
+1 (234) 5678

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